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Mark Telkman Walking the Road to Rome 2024

Mark Telkman goes walking in Switzerland and Italy!

Hi all!

I have a made a very stupid decision to do lots of walking in September-October 2024 by walking the parts of the Via Francigena pilgrimage route in three stages. I will be starting in Lausanne, Switzerland, and ending at the Vatican. It is really long. Like, ridiculously long. I have 6 weeks to do it, which means I will unfortunately have to skip some of it route. Plans are still up in the air, but at the moment I have the total mileage at approximately 355 miles.

For some motivation and to generally do something good, I will be raising money for two charities; one being the National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society (NASS), and the other is the Rare Autoinflammatory Conditions Community (RACC). I would like the money to be split fairly evenly, so please bare in mind when donating!

I started volunteering for RACC-UK in March 2023 as a patient engagement officer. 

Donate to NASS

Donate to RACC – UK

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